Choosing Between a Push Lawn Mower and Riding Mower

When it comes to buying a new lawn mower, your first decision is choosing between a push mower and riding mower. For some, this can be a tough choice. For others, the choice is easy, it’s convincing the wife that’s tough. If you take the time to look at your garden care needs, making the right choice and convincing your wife will be a snap. So, here’s what you need to analyze.

The Size of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn is the single-most important factor in choosing between a push lawn mower and riding mower. Generally speaking, if your lawn is less than 1\2 acre, you might do well with a push mower. Anything over 1\2 acre, you should seriously consider a riding mower. On lawns this size, the time it would take for you to mow with a 22-inch push mower could be cut in half using a 42-inch rider, giving you less lawn time and more wife time.

The Contour of Your Lawn

The second factor in choosing between a push mower and a riding mower is the contour of your lawn. Check out the shape of your lawn and the landscaping. Do you see a lot of tight spots and obstacles such as trees, bushes or garden ornaments? Are you going to be spending the majority of your time getting off and on your riding mower to move things or backing up and turning around to avoid obstacles? Though riding mowers can have tight, even zero-turning radius capabilities, if your lawn is more toward the small size, a push mower may be the best for you.

Another thing to look at is the slope of your lawn. Steep slopes or a rolling contour may lead you toward purchasing a riding mower, or, at least, a self-propelled push mower. Mowing uphill on a hot summer day is a lot easier when you’re riding, especially when that riding mower has a cup holder. Mark this down as a great sales point for convincing your wife if she’ll be helping you with the lawn care.

Is Your Lawn Fenced?

If your lawn is fenced, you need to evaluate the width of your gate. Driving a 42-inch wide lawn tractor through a 36-inch gate can’t be done. So, whether your lawn is fenced could be a determining factor in choosing between a push lawn mower and a riding mower, especially if it’s a white picket fence your wife dearly loves.

Other Landscaping Needs

Take some time to evaluate any other landscaping or lawn maintenance needs you may have. Will you be dethatching your lawn or raking leaves? Do you need to do some minor grading of your lawn? If you have a riding lawn mower, you can easily add accessories to turn your lawn mower into an all-season helper.

Now that you’ve analyzed your lawn, sit down with your wife and go over these points in choosing between a push lawn mower and riding mower. Together you can make the best choice for your lawn care needs.

Selecting your next lawn mower need not be a chore so long as you stop and consider your needs and requirements before purchasing.

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